Advantage and Disadvantage of PHP Hosting

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PHP Hosting

PHP is a scripting language that is used to make one of a kind web pages. You can create anything from simple article pages, log in sites, e commerce sites and so much more with PHP scripting. There is a PHP code that is found embedded in an html code of any website and this is run from your web hosting server than in your browser. This language is so basic most of the most popular websites are written in PHP code like Facebook and Wikipedia.

Are there advantages of PHP hosting?

Popular content management system like WordPress and Joomla are written in PHP. Most web developers use these powerful platforms to build sites because they are very easy to use and are very flexible as well. You can even create your own site in minutes with a number of clicks.
PHP can be used on Linux or in Windows; you don’t need to switch to Windows when you are working with a Mac.
PHP syntax is very similar to basic C and C++ language; this is why programmers love to use this programming and website tool.
It can work with popular servers in the web and it is not limited to Linux and Windows as well.
PHP is cheaper, fast and reliable for most web applications; you can use this programming tool for creating simple to complicated sites.

Are there disadvantages of PHP hosting?

Some say that PHP has security risks and if you are going to use this for storing sensitive client data then you need to consult your web hosting company first so you can prevent this security flaw. If you are not familiar about preventing these risks, then you better talk to your web hosting company for help.
Since PHP-based hosting packages are cheaper, expect that there are a lot of users that are using the same service and when this happens, degradation of your host’s services are the most common effect. Your site will function slower; security risks are more frequent and may even cause members that are sharing the same host to have more downtime.
Active Server Pages or ASP and Visual Basic are not supported by PHP which means if you created your site and manage it with these programming platforms then expect that you may not be able to do this at all.

Risks in security are eminent in PHP however these may be managed by an expert site developer and web hosting company. Therefore you need to look for a hosting expert that has years of experience in handling different kinds of websites and working with different platforms using basic PHP.

There are so many companies that will help you get the most out of PHP and all the many features that it has. And even with the disadvantages that it has to offer the benefits are still impressive which is why PHP hosting is still used by more and more site owners to this day.

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