Advantages and Disadvantages of Agora Shopping Cart

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Agora Pros and Cons

Agora shopping cart is online shopping cart software used for e-commerce by e-commerce websites. This software is popular nowadays and being used by most online shops already. The popularity of this software is due to its many advantages such as:

It is an open-sourced tool. Agora shopping cart is known to be customizable software. The codes can be seen and changes as well as developments can be made to it because it is an open-source tool. This allows users to customize the software according to their specific needs.

It is packed with amazing features. The Agora shopping cart is not only feature-packed but users are assured that all the features are useful. It features CSS Manager for editing shopping carts online. There is also a tax calculating option feature that allows shipping to four different tax zones. This software also allows users provide their customers with shipping estimates based on four different shippers because of its shipping option feature. This tool also features several payment getaways so that the online shops can accept payment through a variety of methods convenient to their customers. In other words, the Agora shopping cart is packed with features that make online shops function well to provide a convenient online shopping experience.

It is written in Perl/MySQL. Perl/MySQL is the language that is used by the Agora shopping cart. This is an advantage since it makes it possible for users to use this software with low-cost web hosts.

It uses a template system. This is an advantage for beginners because they are given the chance to set up a store easily. They can simply choose layouts from these templates so they do not need to be experts to be able to do so.

Agora Cart Demo
Picture 1 : Agora Cart Frontend Demo

However, despite the many advantages of the Agora shopping cart, this tool also has its share of disadvantages:

It is an open-source tool. Though being an open-source tool is an advantage, this is also a disadvantage because it could also provide inconvenience and disappointment to users in terms of code functionalities. Not all of the codes you can access function as you expect it to.

It is a tool mostly geared for experienced programmers. This shopping cart software is not that user-friendly especially for beginners and those who are not really knowledgeable about programming. If not for its template system, beginners would really find it hard to set up their store. Still, this tool calls for knowledge especially regarding Perl and HTML. This may be user-friendly for masters and expert programmers, but for beginners, they may still struggle to use this tool and won’t be able to use this right away without learning through the tutorials and support provided.

It produces no inventory report. Unlike other shopping cart software, this tool does not produce inventory report which is important in order to keep track of your inventory. It may require you to access the booster pack if you want to choose among the many inventory management options.

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