Advantages and Disadvantages of MySQL Database

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MySQL Pros and Cons

One of the most popular database system used all over by web developers is the MySQL. It is kind of similar to MS SQL in the storage and retrieval part. This database system helps to support 2 system primary keys that set it apart from others. These keys will help you to speed up all kinds of constrain input as well as help you to speed up your queries.

MySQL Advantages

A Popular Database System. This relational database management system is very popular than the other ones. It is because it can be used in various kinds of environments with a lot of features.
Fast. This relational database management system is faster than the other ones. Even though it git updated with more and more features over the course of time, it still works fast.
Works in a lot of different Operating Systems. No matter what kind of operating system you use, be it Windows or Mac OS, Linux or Unix or even FreeBSD, you can use this relational database system as it is compatible and available for all kinds of operating systems.
Inexpensive. As MySQL is under GPL, this relational database management system is free. Those who are interested to get this database management system, for commercial use can do so without having to dent their pocket. On the other hand, the price of commercial license of database management system of other software developers cost a lot.
Can Handle Larger Databases. This relational database management system is great in the sense that the users can handle a rather large databse with it. You can create tables up to 4GB and manage 50 million rows. If the users want to then they can also increase the databse to 8million terabytes as well depending on the resources and requirements.
Easy. As SQL language is used in MySQL, it is easy to learn and use. It is easier for users to remember the commands and work with it .
Customizable. As GPL has released MySQL, it comes with customizable features.

MySQL Quan
Picture 1 : MySQL “Quan” (aka the MySQL Query Analyzer)

MySQL Disadvantages

Lack of Efficiency. Even though users can manage a large number of database through MySQL, it cannot be done so in an efficient manner. The transactions cannot be handled in an efficient manner as well.
Supporting Problem. Unlike the other database management system, MySQL does not support various kinds of stored procedures, COMMIT or ROLE in its earlier versions. However, this problem has been solved in the versions that came out after their 5.0 version.

There are no software or applications that come without limitation or disadvantages. However, in comparison to other relational database management system, this DBMS comes with less disadvantages. Therefore, if you have to manage average amount of database then you should go with it. It is because its advantages outweigh its disadvantages and the disadvantages can easily be overcome. For example, in order to use COMMIT or ROLE in this DBMS, you will have to use the newer versions.

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