Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cube Cart Shopping Cart

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Cube Cart Pros and Cons

Among the many e-commerce shopping cart software available nowadays, the Cube Cart shopping cart is one of the popular preferences. This cart is written in PHP & MySQL. This tool can either be a free or paid tool depending on your personal preference.

Cube Cart Back Demo
Picture 1 : Cube Cart Backend Demo

Advantages of Cube Cart Shopping Cart

Fair Price. Cube Cart shopping cart is a very practical option because it comes with a reasonable price. In fact, since you have the option to go free or paid, it makes this shopping cart very reasonable indeed when it comes to cost.

Nice Features. Cube Cart also offers nice features like the template system, state and country tax, Rich Text HTML editor, several payment processors, unlimited products, etc. that makes this a very useful and reliable shopping cart to use for e-commerce.

Multiple Languages. Cube Cart is available in many different languages and you can choose the language you are very comfortable with or the language that your customers or clients would feel more comfortable with. In fact, the fact that it comes with multiple languages is an advantage as it does not limit your e-commerce business or your website to a single country but it makes your business reach a wide variety of audience.

Regular Updates. With the Cube Cart, you can be assured that your software is always updated and improved because regular updates and improvements are always performed by the people behind this software. Your website will never go outdated with this tool.

User-friendly Panel. Cube Cart is easy to use because of its user-friendly panel and interface. Whether you are a beginner trying to get acquainted with this software or you are experienced and trying to customize your website, you can count on this shopping cart to make it easier for you.

Guaranteed Help and Support. The Cube Cart shopping cart is complete with help forums and pages that are aimed for answering all your queries and give you assistance and support.

Cube Cart Front Demo
Picture 2 : Cube Cart Frontend Demo

Disadvantages of Cube Cart Shopping Cart

Cube Cart shopping cart may be packed with several advantages but it also has several disadvantages:

It’s not that easy to configure for beginners. Cube Cart may have a user-friendly panel but it may be difficult for those who do not have background knowledge about PHP, MySQL, and GD. This is why basic knowledge and familiarization are required to make this software easy to configure and upload.

It lacks features. This tool may have nice features but it lacks other features as well and the lacking features are also very important features especially in admin and inventory control. It lacks some marketing features as well as features like catalog manager, backorders, merchant account integration, and a lot more.

Its help function is poor. It may be complete with help forums but the help you can get is poor. They claim to provide assistance but sometimes, you would feel like you are left hanging with your questions unanswered.

Knowing the pros and cons of the Cube Cart shopping cart will help you check whether according to your needs, the pros of this software outweigh the cons.

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