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When you have used several web hosting services as you maintain one, two or several sites online, there is always the possibility of comparing one hosting service from another. cPanel and vDeck hosting are just two of the most popular control panels used in web hosting and this is mostly because of these simple and easy to master interface. While cPanel has been in the market for several years now and have been a strong choice by most web hosting companies there are other players that are making their mark in the industry. One such product is vDeck. Here is a comparison of the two, when it comes to several factors that consumers are looking for in a web hosting control panel.

Easy to use features. When it comes to ease of use, cPanel reigns supreme which is why even when it has been introduced years ago, it is still being widely used by more and more hosting services. It has a simple design and with easy to navigate functions that even a novice can use right away. vDeck on the other hand has a bit harder interface and there have been complaints of slow speeds that will eat your time when you want to expect accurate and faster results.

Flexibility. When it comes to the product’s ability to work with any type or size business vDeck wins! Users have found that vDeck is easy to customize no matter what size and what type of business you have. Even large companies uses vDeck as a part of their hosting systems since it is flexible and is very easy to optimize your hosting plans with it. cPanel on the other hand is more focused on personal websites and for empowering small to medium scale businesses.

More possibilities. cPanel is known for being user-friendly and has an interface which is easier to master however it is found to be so simple that is may not be too challenging anymore for professional users. Expert website owners agree that cPanel offer so many limitations when it comes to its functions that it is not recommended for new businesses especially retail sites or e commerce sites since these websites are known to have complicated designs and functions. This is why when users want features that are out of the box and a hosting control panel with plenty of room to grow, they choose vDeck. This control panel is more e commerce-oriented which means its features are mostly made for creating retail sites and e commerce websites. Website owners with these types of sites will be glad to work with a web hosting service that will never limit their imagination.

Overall, even when cPanel has a larger share of the market since it has been around for years, vDeck is more preferred and is more user-friendly. If you think that you could work with cPanel hosting plans then you may do so, but if you want to use an interface that will never restrict your imagination then vDeck is your choice.

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