How to Choose the Best Web Hosting For Your Artists Website

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As a result of increased competition, most artists are opting to use the internet as a means of expanding their market base. Moreover, as an artist, you do not have to rely on the local market for business. So long as your work is appealing, you can sell to consumers who are as far as Asia and Australia.

But, with thousands of web hosting companies available in the market, how do you make an informed decision when choosing the best web hosting for your artist website? Will the hosting company allow you to use the same domain name should you decide to transfer your business elsewhere? Will the web hosting provider provide you with absolute control to your account?

Listed below, are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when looking for the best web hosting company for your artist website:

1. What are your needs?

Prior to selecting a web hosting provider, you need to first of all determine your needs. Are you anticipating huge traffic to your site? Would you like to upload multimedia files like audio, slideshows and videos in addition to normal JPEG files?

Since you are keen on making money from your artist website, it is highly recommended that you do not opt for a free web hosting service. With free web hosting service, you won’t be able to:

Place advertisements on your site as a way of earning extra income.
Move with the domain name should you decide to move your business elsewhere due to poor services.

2. What type of site building program is provided by the web hosting company?

While most web hosting companies offer site building programs, they are proprietary. What this means is that, you cannot move your site to a different hosting company should you decide to move. If the site building tool is proprietary, opt for a service provider that will provide you with an open source building tool that will prevent you from the need of building a new site from scratch in the event that you decide to change service providers.

3. What type of server software does the web host offer?

Not everybody has the expertise and experience needed to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). As a means of making it easier for users when it comes to issues to do with file transfer and setting up blogs as well as forums, web hosting companies offer server applications like cPanel, ISPConfig and ispCP.

4. Does the web hosting company provide customized email addresses?

Customized email addresses help to build your credibility. A good web hosting service will provide you with at least 5-10 customized email addresses that you can use to communicate with your customers.

5. Do unlimited disk space and bandwidth offer saving opportunities?

At a glance, unlimited disk space and bandwidth may seem attractive. However, they do present challenges when experiencing high traffic. Moreover, when a company offers you unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it means that you are sharing the resources with other users.

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