How to Choose the Best Web Hosting For Your Musician Website

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When it comes to website hosting, your needs may differ from those of another business. It is for this reason that you need to carefully consider the options available to you when looking for the best web hosting company if you are a musician or band.

Unlike other forms of online businesses, you need more disk space, fast data transfer rates and excellent customer support. The following are factors to keep in mind when looking for the right web hosting company for musicians and bands.

1. Paid Hosting vs. Free Hosting

While free music hosting sites will provide you with the required resources to promote your band or musical skills, they are not recommended for long-term projects. If music or playing in the band is a part-time hobby, then you can opt for free hosting sites. However, they are not the best options when it comes to revenue generation through your music site.

Free hosting sites are inferior to paid hosting because:

They do not provide you with a customized domain name.

They do not provide you with a customized email address.

Besides appearing less serious to prospective clients, free hosting plans compel you to play by their rules. For instance, you are not allowed to place advertisements on your webpage. On the other hand, the more content you add to your webpage the more credibility you are offering the free web hosting company.

Note that, for every audio, slideshow, video, picture, podcast and any other content you add to your site, there is some value that you get. Therefore, do not risk your time, energy and money by opting for a free hosting company.

While you may have to pay for the domain name, extra storage and bandwidth, you own the contents on your site.

2. Tech Support

Downtimes can be very costly for your music site. Each time you are down, it means that prospective customers are not able to reach you. It is for this reason that you need to choose a web hosting company that guarantees you more than 99.99% uptime rate. The 0.01% may seem quite minimal for a layman; however it can cost you more. The 0.01% means that hosting site is usually down for at least 5-10 times in a year.

Since your profitability primarily depends on the number of times you are online, you need to make certain that the selected web hosting company offers exemplary customer support. A good hosting company should provide you with access to customer support through chat, email and phone calls.

3. Hosting Plan

Choose a hosting plan that suits your needs. Generally, hosting plans range from individual to dedicated plans. Individual plans are designed for users who do not foresee huge traffic. For a musician or band website, choose a hosting plan that provides you with at least 50MB of disk space and high data transfer rate. Do not opt for plans that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. Plans that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth are usually shared by other users.

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