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When looking for the best web hosting company, you will come across hundreds of service providers online. As a matter of fact, you will note that there are web host service providers that list themselves as “green web hosting companies” or “eco-friendly web hosts”.

Unknown to a majority of people is that web hosting has a great toll on the surroundings. This is because the technologies used to support web hosting services are made from raw materials such as trees, coal and metal.

Therefore, the only way through which you can ensure that there is minimal damage to the environment is insisting on a service provider that is either “green” or “eco-friendly”. Listed below, are tips on how to choose the best green web hosting company.

1. Learn the dissimilarity between “green” and “eco-friendly”

Foremost, you need to know the main difference between “green” and “eco-friendly”. The key difference lies in the manner in which the web hosting company chooses to reduce carbon footprints. Green web hosting companies are known for using either solar or wind energy to run their web servers. There are also companies that go the extra mile by deriving the energy used in the entire office from solar or wind power.

On the other hand, eco-friendly web hosting companies are known for acquiring equipment and office supplies that are made from eco-friendly material. Both green and eco-friendly web hosting companies make tremendous contribution to the environment.

2. Is the web hosting company economical?

A company’s budget can also reveal to you whether it is green or eco-friendly. Then again, the term ‘economical’ can denote several things to various people. A green or eco-friendly web hosting provider will have plans that do not exceed $20.00 per month. Irrespective of the low budget, such companies will still provide you with similar features offered by non-green web hosting companies.

3. Standard vs. unlimited features

Provision of standard and unlimited features can also enable you to know if a particular web hosting company is green or non-green. Eco-friendly web hosting companies will provide you with standard features, while at the same time still ensuring reliability and security.

Non-green web hosting companies will entice you with offers such as unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth as well as free domain names. Besides exploiting the environment, such companies will not guarantee you an uptime rate of more than 99.9%.

Be certain to check the Web host’s up-time guarantee. Anything less than 99.9 percent is not going to be a fair deal in the long run.

4. Money back guarantee

Green and eco-friendly web hosting service providers will provide you with money back guarantee. Money back guarantee basically ensures that your investment is safe. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the services offered, you can get your full refund during the money back period.

5. Read Reviews

Green web hosting reviews published on the web can provide you with valuable information regarding eco-friendly web hosting service providers.

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