Joomla vs Drupal

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Joomla vs Drupal

Joomla and Drupal are two of the most popular content management systems nowadays too. A lot of people; whether private individuals or developers find themselves torn between these two. To help you choose between the two, consider the following factors and how these two perform when it comes to these varied aspects.

  • Learning Ease and Interface. Compared to other CMS, both Joomla and Drupal are easy to learn and have user-friendly user interface. They both have organized interface that contributes a lot to their ease of use. Both of them are not that complex which is why learning how to use them is easier compared to other CMS.
  • Components. In this area, both CMS are winners. This is because both allow various components, extensions and plug-ins to be installed on the site. Both allow various functions added to a certain website. If you are looking for a tool that can help you achieve a more enhanced, more functional and fully-featured website, then you can use either Joomla or Drupal for that matter.
  • Ease of Use. When it comes to this aspect, Joomla is the winner. Joomla is even popular because of its easy reputation. You can easily install this tool and use it right away. It does not require more configuration and installation of modules in order to run while Drupal requires more configurations. This is why between the two, Drupal is a lot challenging to use. Joomla is even easier because once you know and have learned how to use this tool; it will no longer be hard for you to use it.
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  • Content Contribution. This aspect is one that allows users to share content to the website. This is one aspect that could help make the website you created effective. With this, both Joomla and Drupal are winners. Both allow content contribution added to the website. Joomla allows content contribution from an organization of users while Drupal also has excellent tools that can be used for enabling content contribution.
  • Themes and Templates. This is also one factor that developers and individuals who want to create their own website is looking for. They consider this factor because they want their website to look good by choosing the best themes and applying the best templates. In this area, Drupal is the winner. Drupal’s template system is guaranteed excellent compared to Joomla’s. However, if you are going to consider the availability of these themes and templates, you may find Joomla financially friendly because most of the templates it offers are free while Drupal’s templates and themes can be availed for a fee.
  • Power and Functionality. Drupal is considered the winner when it comes to power and functionality. It may not be as easy to use as Joomla, but, it is more powerful and functional because it has more features.
  • Even if Joomla and Drupal are slightly similar and different from each other, it is still your needs that can greatly contribute to your decision. Once you have analyzed what you need, you can evaluate these options based on how they perform in the several important areas mentioned above.

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