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Joomla vs Geeklogs

There is no doubt that Joomla is one of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) in the market. However, there are also other open-source content management systems accessible in the market like GEEKLOGS that are robust and boast of thousands of free extensions and plugins on the web. Consequently, making and informed decision on whether or not to choose Joomla over GEEKLOGS can be difficult.

However, with a little bit of help, selecting between Joomla and GEEKLOGS ought not to be a challenging and confusing task. Discussed herein, are some of the pros and cons of Joomla and GEEKLOGS content management systems.

The Pros and Cons of GEEKLOGS Content Management System

The Pros

Open-Source CMS Application

The fact that GEEKLOGS is an open-source web content management system means that you can download it for free and modify the source code to suite your needs. A majority of webmasters and bloggers prefer license-free applications as it provides them with flexibility when it comes to customizing blogs and e-commerce sites that they are managing.

Secure Platform

One of the problems that most webmasters and bloggers have complained about popular CMS software like Joomla and WordPress is lack of adequate security features. This in turn makes it easy for hackers and intruders to interfere with blogs. As a means of safeguarding against security breaches, users are forced to install additional security features which come at extra cost. However, this is not the case with GEEKLOGS. The out-of-the box security alongside the privacy features provided by the web content system makes it easy for users to secure their blogs and e-commerce sites from online threats at no extra cost.

Availability of Plugins

As is the case with other popular content management systems like WordPress, GEEKLOG has a robust online community that has made it possible for users to have access to thousands of plugins and extensions that can be used to modify blogs and e-commerce sites created using the CMS application.

The Cons

Perhaps the only setback is the fact that GEEKLOGS has a high learning curve. Unless you have expertise and experience in programming and web scripting languages, you will require months of training and experimenting with the web content management system in order to fully understand it.

The Pros and Cons of Joomla Content Management System

The Pros

It is SEO friendly. What this means is that a lot of optimization is not required to make blogs and e-commerce sites appear in SERPs.

User friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). This in turn makes it easy for amateurs to learn how to use the application with relative ease.

The web CMS is powerful and robust thereby making it ideal for developing e-commerce applications and enterprise sites.

The administrative features make it easier for webmasters to restrict access to certain areas of blogs and e-commerce sites developed using Joomla.

The Cons

The CMS takes unusually long to completely load.

As is the case with GEEKLOGS, Joomla has a relatively longer learning curve.

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