Paypal or Google Checkout: Which is better?

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Paypal or Google Checkout

When it comes to building an e-commerce website, there are two most popular options to consider for payment checkout: Google and Paypal Checkout. The question is which is better?

Google checkout is a Google-owned electronic payment service while Paypal is an electronic payment service that is known to be E-bay’s subsidiary. Although these two popular electronic payment methods are quite similar in nature, they have several positive and negative differences.

With this, only you, after reading each of their pros and cons, can decide which you think is the better option to integrate into your e-commerce website.

Google and Paypal Checkout Pros

The following are the most important pros of Google checkout:

It is a secure checkout option because confidential information such as credit card information is hidden from the vendor.
Rates are as low as 1.4% + £0.20 per transaction and guaranteed no hidden fees.
Reliable in processing order refunds and back-ordered items, etc.
Credit verification information is automatically provided for every Google checkout transaction.
It uses Google Analytics to get performance reports and other reports that could benefit your business and transactions.
Customers are provided with an easy way to purchase goods and pay for them on your website.

Google Checkout Diagram
Picture 1 : Google Checkout Diagram

On the other hand, the following are the most important pros of Paypal checkout:

It also offers a secure mode of payment for your customers because Paypal has several anti-fraud policies.
It not only offers electronic payment service but also a wide range of services for your business.
It can be used by your customers from all over the world because it is available in 190 countries worldwide.
It is a popular payment method, thereby; almost all people have a Paypal account. If you choose Paypal checkout, most of your customers will consider your website a more convenient way to shop.
Transaction fees are as lows as 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 or depending on volume of sales.
It does not only process payment from credit and debit cards, but also from checking accounts, etc.
It provides a phone number to access them when problems occur.

Paypal Diagram
Picture 2 : Paypal Diagram

Google and Paypal Checkout Cons

The downsides of Google Checkout are as follows:

It is quite slow in responding to claims and complaints since the only way to contact them is through email.
It requires customers to register first with Google before they can use Google checkout. This could give your customers hassle when it comes to shopping from your website.
Google Checkout only provides payment processing from credit and debit accounts.
It does not offer other services other than being an electronic payment service.

On the other hand, Paypal also has cons such as:

It is very poor when it comes to handling complaints and refund issues especially the fact that they usually freeze some accounts without further notice, resulting to funds being locked up.
Customers are still redirected to the Paypal website and log-in in order to check out the products they have purchased.

Google and Paypal checkout are both better in their own ways. On the other hand, they are also nasty in their own different ways. It is up to you to do a balance check on these two and decide if you would consider the one better than the other or if you would consider both as better options to integrate into your e-commerce website.

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