Pros and cons of Coppermine Photo Gallery

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Coppermine Photo Gallery

Uploading photos online is already a hit nowadays. But it would be nice if you can create your own photo gallery where your friends and family can also send e-cards and even comment on your online photo gallery. This is where Coppermine Photo Gallery is popular for. It is a free tool used to create your own photo gallery and manage your photos the way you want to. This tool has several advantages for the users which is why it is considered one of the best galleries among the rest.

The Pros

It is a very simple tool. And since it is simple, it does not require many resources to use it. This allows any web hosts to properly handle installation and use of the software well. The simplicity of this tool is one great contributor to its ease of use.

It is a very versatile tool especially in terms of languages used. This is because it uses multiple languages. You can set the tool up to your desired language.

It is very easy to install because it is photo gallery written in PHP. Usually, when scripts are written in PHP, installing them does not require much time and effort and can be achieved in a jiffy.

It allows photo uploading. This is this tool’s specialty so it is quiet good at photo uploading. Whether one is a registered user or not, they can upload photos on this photo gallery by batch. This way, uploading photos can be done quickly even if you upload numerous photos at once. Since this tool also uses the MySQL database, it allows all the photo information to be stored as well.

It allows User Registration. One of the best features of Coppermine that is an advantage is the user registration. You can allow users who want to upload photos using your Coppermine photo gallery to register to be permitted to upload. You can invite your alumni, your family, workmates, etc. to register to your photo gallery for a more specialized or specific crowd of people to share photos with.

It has a very cool user interface. This would attract your friends and family to register to your photo gallery. The interface is modern but it is not complicated. Anybody can make their way in and out of your photo gallery easily with Coppermine.

The Cons

Coppermine also has its share of disadvantages such as the facts that:

Configuration is quite tricky. While it is easy to use Coppermine, it is a bit tricky to configure especially if you have no knowledge about PHP.

It comes with themes that are very traditional and boring. This photo gallery may allow users to control the layout they choose but the themes and layouts they provide are a bit traditional and dull.

Overall, Coppermine is a good tool for those who want the pleasure of uploading photos, sharing it with friends and allowing other people who are interested to register to your photo sharing community.

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