Pros and cons of Joomla CMS

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If you are thinking of developing an e-commerce site or blog, odds are that you have thought of using Joomla. However, how much do you really know in respect to Joomla? Is it cost effective to run Joomla over other content management systems (CMS)? Therefore, before looking at the pros and cons of Joomla CMS, let’s first of all look at the definition.

Joomla CMS – Definition

In contrast to conventional way of thinking, Joomla is not an application that is used when building websites. It is a Content Management System. In a layman’s term, it is an application that is used to organize your blog or e-commerce website, thereby making it pretty simple for users to not only develop pages, but construct the core of their sites with extreme ease.

Whereas Joomla is not used in the creation of graphics or design of website layout, it is used in keeping the contents of a website organized thus making it easy to edit contents from virtually any PC that has internet connection.

The Pros of Joomla CMS

Cost Effective

Joomla CMS is accessible for free. The only requirements are:

  • A location to host your website.
  • Experience and skills in Joomla.
  • The installation process is rather simple since you only need to follow the installation wizard, while at the same time entering the required information. It is an affordable option compared to applications such as Dreamweaver that costs a lot of money to acquire and learn.


    Although Joomla lacks the capacity to create images and videos, there are thousands of templates accessible on the web for Joomla that you can use. Depending on your skill level, you can make your selection form simple to complex Joomla templates. Moreover, most of the templates are available for free. Whereas there are templates that you have to pay for, they are affordable compared to hiring a web developer.


    The other reason why you need to consider using Joomla CMS over other web development tools is ease of use. So long as you have the time and desire to learn, you can know how to use Joomla in the shortest time possible. Besides, there are numerous online resources that you can use when learning Joomla, for example, Joomla forums, communities and tutorials. Before using Joomla, it is highly recommended that you spend a little bit of your time learning about using it.

    Hundreds of Plug-In Extensions

    Perhaps the greatest benefit that you stand to gain by opting to use Joomla over other content management systems is availability of plug-ins. There are hundreds of plug-in extensions available in the market that you can download for free from the web when using Joomla. Furthermore, extensions are plug-and-play, meaning that very little effort is required on your part in order to install them.

    The Cons

    In comparison to other web development tools, Joomla CMS requires a lot of time to learn. In addition, it does not offer flexibility when it comes to customization.

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