Pros and cons of Nucleus CMS

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Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is a blogging tool that is installed in your webserver and used in managing web content. The CMS (Content Management System) has been programmed in PHP and boasts of a MySQL backend. Therefore, if you have a blog or e-commerce site that requires constant updating, you need to consider using Nucleus CMS. With a little bit of configuration, Nucleus CMS can largely be regarded as the most lightweight CMS.

But, since there are several other content management systems available in the market, some people might not deem it wise to choose Nucleus CMS over other CMS applications like Drupal and WordPress. Therefore, it is crucial that you weigh the pros and cons before making a decision on whether or not to use Nucleus CMS.

Discussed herein, are some of the pros and cons of Nucleus CMS which you need to know before using it to manage the contents of your blog or e-commerce site.

The Pros

Open Source

The term open source means that the software is available for download at no cost. Moreover, you can opt to study the source code and then modify it to suit your needs. The ability to alter the source code and zero acquisition costs are perhaps its strongest points and as such its popularity amongst most online users. However, just because you can alter the source code does not necessarily mean that you can choose to do anything you want with the CMS since there are restrictions to what you can do and cannot according to the license.

Hundreds of Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins accessible online which you can utilize to extend the functionality of your Nucleus-based blog. One of the reasons why plugins are not incorporated into the build is because the developer does not want to make the CMS bloated. Furthermore, there are online users who prefer certain features of over others. Consequently, by opting to download plugins, you can extend the functionality of your blog or e-commerce site to what you would like it to be. Examples of plugins that you can download include Calendar, WYSIWYG Editing Tool and RSS Feeds.

Backup & Restore Capability

The other reason why you need to consider using Nucleus CMS over other tools is the ability to backup and restore your blog or e-commerce site at the click of a button. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the status of your MySQL database in case of a virus attack or user interference as you can effortlessly restore the previous version at the click of a button.

IP Ban List Feature

If there are online users who are constantly interfering with the comments on your blog or e-commerce site, you can make use of this tool to ban their IPs. Besides IP addresses, you can also use the tool to ban nicknames form your blog’s comments.

The Cons

In comparison to other content management systems, Nucleus CMS offers fewer skins and themes. Besides, it is only available in few languages.

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