Pros and cons of Xoops CMS

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Xoops CMS

Xoops is a content management system written in PHP. It is a tool designed to allow developers and programmers to create a website quickly and easily. Whether the website being created is a blog site or a business website, this CMS is helpful software. It has several pros but it also a has a few cons. Knowing both the pros and the cons of this tool can help you decide whether Xoops is what you are looking for or not.

The Pros

It is free, full-featured and open-source. It does not require a hefty investment in order to create a website through Xoops. In fact, it does not require monetary investment because it is free. This tool also runs on inexpensive hosting which is why as much as it is free; hosting it does not require much investment as well. It is worth its free cost because it is a full-featured tool which means that all the necessary features you are looking for in a CMS like the template engine and the vibrant communities, etc. can be offered by Xoops. And of course, since it is open-source software, it gives users the ability to create a variety of projects using it.

It is a good tool for content sectioning. It has the ability to keep the website you are creating organized as it is good at gallery sectioning, static content sectioning and a lot more. This is why it is known as a tool that has a more decent forum module.

It is easy to use. Developers find this software easier to use than other software. While other tool takes a lot of getting used to before they can start using it, this tool will allow you to easily and quickly create and modify websites from scratch. It could save you time and effort.

It is a very secure tool. Using this tool is pretty secure. It protects all the confidential information you may have recorded. And since support for this tool is good, security flaws are easily patched up.

Xoops Demo Site
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The Cons

No matter how cool Xoops is because of its advantages, a flaw has still been observed with regards to this tool. While this may not be a major flaw, it is till important for you to know what this flaw is in order for you to know what’s in store for you in the negative side.

The single main flaw of Xoops is the fact that some modules that it has are just confusing especially the modules on the admin side. In fact, some modules are even all over the place and some of them are either unsupported or unfinished. This single flaw somehow affects the ease of use of this tool.

Overall, no two content management systems are the same and no CMS can be perfect without flaws. Even if the pros of this tool outweigh the cons, it still helps to pay attention to the flaws to help you make the right decision.

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