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eBoundhost Reviews : An affordable Hosting Solution

eBoundhost is a web hosting firm, located in Chicago and it has been in this business since 2000. The company is popularly known, for providing affordable Linux VPS hosting, shared web hosting services and dedicated servers. This is what, makes eBoundhost different, from the other web hosting companies, which promise empty promises. Some of the services that, this web hosting firm, offer are backed, by a ninety day money back guarantee. Clients can enjoy their services without any outages.

Highlight Features

What makes this hosting provider to be different, from the others is that, it is equipped with custom built server systems. The servers have been designed in such a way that, they can host websites efficiently. The systems are capable of operating a large database and host large websites. Other important features include:

Restore and backup utility
Unlimited transfer of monthly
Windows Compatible
SSH Access
SSL Encryption
Spam protection
Support team

All the hosting provider solutions are judged by the company control panel that helps customers, to manage their server. With the control panel, customers can be able to manager user accounts, remove software, control domains and emails. The way your website operates, will depend on the quality, of the control panel.

Plesk is preferred by most web hosting providers. The reason why most web hosting providers, prefer this control panel, is because it is user friendly and simple to use. Business owners, have to concentrate on their business and not servers. The servers are reliable and easy to manage. All VPS servers use Plesk control panel, which allows users to manage their website efficiently.

The company is equipped with a robust infrastructure that ensures faster delivery of content. Their servers function even during off peak times as well as business hours. Besides that, their technical support team operates, twenty four seven and help customers in any emergency problems.

Pros and Cons


eBoundhost packages can be bought at, very low prices and are equipped with additional set up fees. Users should take advantage of unlimited storage. It is also possible for customers, to get one of their services free of charge, incase the customer contacts, the sale department, before purchasing.


The downfall of eBoundhost is that, thou, it uses cPanel, the controls, require a lot of work, for users, to use them and to access. Another downfall is that, the host does not write programs and cannot help customers, to optimize for search engines. The company does not also design websites for clients.

Uptime and Reliability

eBoundhost maintains Dual Core Xeon servers, if the company wants to ensure reliability. The firm monitors their network systems, twenty four seven to make sure that suspicious activities have been detected. When it comes to reliability, the company has the utmost confidence because they guarantee ninety percent of the time. When it comes to providing services to customers, the firm takes this serious and professionals are available twenty four seven. Customers can also depend on quick support through phone, email or support ticket.


The reason why customers, should choose eBoundhost is because the company focuses on making customers happy. The company has hired experienced and responsible technicians, who are always ready, to work with you to solve your issues. When customers call for support, they treat all your problems seriously and solve all your issues. The company doesn’t play the number game, every customer is important.

Our Verdict

Since the inception, of this web hosting company in 2000, the firm has been doing business the old fashioned way. The firm has been focusing, on mainly three core services Linux virtual private, dedicated servers and traditional web hosting. But, if you require, cheap VPS hosting and fast web site hosting, eBoundhost is always ready to offer these services. The firm is equipped with fast web servers and fast internet; this makes it easier for your websites, to open and to send email. eBoundhost is one of the most trusted web hosting companies. Incase you want flexibility and full control, without spending too much; you need to consider services of eBoundhost. This firm is capable of satisfying everybody’s requirements.

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2 thoughts on “eBoundhost Reviews : An affordable Hosting Solution


    I was switching between different accounts for a period of time before eBoundhost. I am happy with their reliable servers and prompt support. It is definitely the best web hosting service I have used and I have used a few. The server has been giving me 100% uptime constantly for last three years which is fantastic. I really can’t ask for more. Once I had some issues with my emails getting blocked but their support resolved it in five minutes flat and the email was working again. The only downfall could be that they do not allow for designing the websites easily neither do they support search engine optimization much.


    The website availability with eBoundHost is okay. However the support they offer is not very competitive. Most of the hosting companies are judged by the control panel they provide which is helpful to the clients. I found the control panel to be a bit elementary. It does not allow the basic functionality that some other service providers do. Due to this reason you will be forced to call them for help. This is where the support is disappointing and it gives you a runaround and does not resolve the issues. If you call their number you are placed on a queue and told that they will call back which they never do.

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