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Finding Stability in Motion—The Inmotion Web Hosting Review

Hunting for webhosting providers these days can seem like almost as large of a project as running the website itself. Luckily, there are dedicated webserver hosting companies like Inmotion around that exist solely to make your life easy. Inmotion has been around since 2001, offering simple webhosting plans that are reliable and affordable all at once.

Highlight Features

For as little as $3 per month, Inmotion offers a wide variety of webhosting plans that cater to just about any need you might have. Their three plans – the Value Class Starter, Basic and Max—differ according the resources allocated to your account, including disk space and bandwidth.

Still, Inmotion’s bestselling plans are in the Business Class, including the Launch plan at $5.95/month, the Power plan at $7.95/month and the Pro plan, which costs $13.95/month, but allows you to host up to 25 websites on a single account.

All three of these Business Class hosting plans give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth, four stage spam protection, daily backups and five bandwidth providers. The true difference between the plans is in the number of supported domains. Quite possibly the biggest selling point of the Business class plans is the inclusion of the Max Speed Zones technology which redirects traffic according to the geographical position of each visitor to your website.

Uptime and Reliability

Inmotion webhosting runs super-fast Linux and Unix technology to power their servers, meaning that with their 24/7 monitoring, your website will rarely—if ever—go down. In fact, the company guarantees 99.9% uptime for each and every one of their plans, from the cheapest personal solution hosting to the high-end business plans.

When a company guarantees such a high uptime percentage, it means that they are confident in their employ monitoring and problem solving. This assures you in the quality employee you’ll have working for you, ensuring they are capable of troubleshooting and fixing any problems before they actually arise.

Pros and Cons


Control Panel is User Friendly—The cPanel administration tool provided by Inmotion lets users easily navigate and maintain their websites for personal, commercial and business use. This simplifying tool means that anyone can host their own website with Inmotion, no prior experience or qualifications are necessary. This cuts down on overhead for startups and personal businesses since you can run the site yourself, rather than hiring a webmaster and IT professional. You’ll be able to configure and manage every aspect of your website from the cPanel including mail functions, domain administration, database administration, script installation and anything else you need to do. Plust, the Fantastico script library allows you to install web applications like WordPress or Joomla with just a few simple clicks.

Fast Web Building, eCommerce and Startup—For those that are interested in starting up their first website, Inmotion offers you a great option called Site Builder, coming in Standard and Premium versions. This is the next generation website builder that will allow you to put out a professional, modern website that is sure to lure in traffic and turn conversions. Commerce platforms are a cinch to install meaning that all you have to do is choose from one of the over 500 website themes, create your content and launch your site. There are no web developers or designers to pay, meaning more of your profit stays where it belongs: in your pockets.


The Max plan costs more, but includes more resources, supports more parked domains, includes up to five FTP accounts and two MySQL databases. Plus, you get 2 stage spam protection, automated weekly backups and 2 bandwidth providers, making it Inmotion’s top rated plan.

No free trial

Might not be the best platform for larger companies


This can be attributed to the fact that Inmotion is one of the only providers that has multiple data centers, ensuring faster speeds and better quality service than other providers. This is further expanded upon in some of Inmotion’s better service plans like the VPS and Business Class Hosting Plans, both of which offer Max Speed Zone features. This allows users inside the data centers of InMotion browse sites hosted by the company six times faster than users outside of the data center zone.

And if you ever have a problem (which you won’t), InMotion’s support team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions via chat, phone calls or email.

InMotion Conclusion

Inmotion is best known for the affordability of their personal webhosting plans, giving customers a cost-effective solution without sacrificing any of the high-performance business hosting solutions customers demand. They are certified by the Better Business Bureau and CNET, meaning that not only are customers singing their accolades, industry professionals are as well.

To get started finding the exact right Inmotion plan for you or your company, click here right now and enjoy the simplicity and affordability you deserve in a website hosting plan.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Stability in Motion—The Inmotion Web Hosting Review


    I am using the InMotion Hosting from the last 2 years. They are good but not best. I am using various web hosting companies and according to my experience of using InMotion Hosting, I will provide 3 out of 5.

    I have not any bad experience with the InMotion Hosting but I am not using it frequently. Once a time when my website hacked, they don’t provide me any support. They replied that it is not our department to resolve and you have to fix the problem by your own efforts. However my problem fixed within 2 hours. That was the day when I faced so much tiredness with the hosting.

    One of the plus points of using InMotion Hosting is the unlimited storage facility. I have been hosted several images sharing website on the InMotion Hosting and they all are working fine. However I am afraid with the security as I have faced the hacking problem in the past.


    I am internet marketer and I use InMotion for hosting some of my sites. My experience with them has been good. The US based support has been very cool. I needed some of that for some small issues on my side. Lack of some key e-commerce features is the main drawback of this web hosting service such as lack of PayPal shopping cart integration. The unlimited bandwidth and disk space is great though, a real help in taking my sites higher up in Google ranking. Although they are charging a bit on the higher side they do offer lots of hosting options.

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