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Lunarpages Reviews : An Innovative Hosting Solution

Lunarpages is a hosting company that has been in this business, since 1998. The firm is equipped, with innovative and effective, web hosting solutions, for individuals and other businesses. Lunarpages hosting plans, cover various levels for customers, especially for those, who want to build and market their websites, efficiently. The firm data centers are based in Nevada, Arizona and California. The data centers have modern facilities, which offer, the best when it comes, to internet connection and other services.

Highlight Features

The firm provides CPanel control panel: This panel is a popular hosting management system, that users can update, manage and control their website. Clients of Lunarpages are usually satisfied, with the customer support, performance and regular server monitoring that, the company offers. The company also provides E-commerce solution, to customers, so that they can be successful, in their online business. Customers can also be able, to upgrade their basic hosting plan, with only a few dollars.

There are some packages, like the business account name, which is equipped with important features and considerations: This account has tight security features, more than regular hosting plan. Business account packages are the best especially, for websites with eCommerce aspirations.

The company also offers different types, of hosting plans like business hosting, basic hosting and managed hosting. Each type of hosting plans is equipped with unique features, which are suitable for clients, who have different requirements. The best type of hosting plan is basic hosting, if you want to create a blog or to build a website. This hosting plan is available, for a price of $4.95 every month, with unique features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts, storage and many other features. Clients can also get Lunarpages coupons, which help customers to buy the plan at a reduced price.

Pros and Cons


Lunarpages has established itself, as one of the best hosting providing companies, in the world. The firm has more than ten years in this industry. Some of the hosting plans and tools, that the company is equipped with, are the best in the market. A good example of a feature that, the firm is equipped with is DDoS. This feature is vital because it prevents hack attacks. It also helps to keep customers servers to run effectively and safe.

There are different payments methods that clients, can use to pay for Lunarpages services such as Paypal, check, debit cards and many more.


The disadvantage of using Lunarpages services is that, users are usually limited to the amount of bandwidth that, they will use every month for some package. This means that, you will have to be careful, with the amount of information that you upload on your website.

Uptime and Reliability

What makes this company, to be an excellent uptime is the world class data center that the firm has. The firm uses, a response protocol to monitor the servers, for either attack or outages. The company, hired experienced technicians, so that they monitor the servers for email performance, web and FTP. They also make sure that, your business is going to stay online throughout the year. The company cares so much about customers, by fulfilling, what the company has promised. Lunarpages is focused, in offering reliable hosting solutions, at reasonable prices. In 2006, the company received an award, because of their reliability and customer support. If you want your business to stay online throughout the year, you should take the advantages that, this firm offers.


Lunarpages spends a lot of money, to employ qualified support staff, so that they take care, of all the requirements for customers. Their customer support has been rated as the best. There are different ways, that customers can contact support department. Customers can contact, support department through online tutorials, support tickets, control panel manuals and knowledge base. The company support team is composed of skilled and experienced people, who are ready to assist clients, in any troublesome issue, whether, this is the first time, that you venturing, into the world of web hosting, or experienced in this filed.

Our Verdict

If you are searching, for a web hosting company, that is going to offer, the best hosting solutions, you should consider Lunarpages. Their services are affordable and up to standard.

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2 thoughts on “Lunarpages Reviews : An Innovative Hosting Solution


    The reason I changed my hosting to Lunarpages was, because of the great up time and I am satisfied with that front. Now I have been with them for many years. Their customer support is their real weakness and I do not have good experience with it. As a solution to my problems they just kept telling me that my website was hacked. On the other hand their prices are quite good and competitive. Another positive is the cPanel, which is the premier hosting management control panel. They also offer e-commerce solutions and the upgrade from the basic to a higher end plan doesn’t cost too much.


    Lunarpages offer great web hosting services. The main reason I migrated to them was their superb up time. Now I have been with them for 4 years and never been happier. The tech support in my opinion needs a bit of improvement because once while installing my SSL certificate they messed it up and the shopping cart was down for a few days. Needless to say this cost me a few sales but this was the only bad incidence that has occurred in last 4 years. Maybe they have a lot of customers now and are finding it hard to manage all of them. I have seen some guys reporting some security issues as well.

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