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POWWEB Reviews : A Practical Web Hosting Solution

POWWEB: A Practical Web Hosting Solution

Powweb is a popular web hosting company nowadays that offers numerous features for their web hosting services. The company was founded in the year 1999 and uses excellent technology to be able to cater to the varied needs of their client who own small or big businesses.

Highlight Features

Top-of-the-line products and services

Powweb features top-of-the-line products and services that clients need for their websites. Some of these products and services are website management, domain services, email services, e-commerce, and a lot more. Everything that clients’ need for their website are offered by Powweb.

One-Plan, One-price.

One of the feature highlights of Powweb is their one-plan one price offer. You will be paying for the price of one but you will be getting a complete all-in-one hosting solution. This means that all the top-of-the-line product and service features they offer can be availed for one price only.

Uptime and Reliability

Powweb prides itself with their truly excellent uptime and guaranteed reliability. This is because of their Load Balanced Hosting Technology. This technology allows them to offer great uptime since unlike other web hosting solutions, Powweb offers multiple paths or a load of a single website across multiple physical servers so that no downtime can be experienced by your visitors.

Pros and Cons


They offer user-friendly services because of the complete support resources they provide so you can offer user-friendly websites to your visitors.
They offer a very good price for their web hosting services. The price is not only affordable but good value for the money as well.
Their uptime is truly excellent and reliable. Your users and visitors can load multiple web pages without experiencing downtime.
Their support services are reliable. Aside from the excellent support manuals and resources, they have agents willing to support you 24/7 and attend to your immediate concerns.


Even though they claim to offer affordable web hosting solutions, the price actually increases in time. What was once affordable; has already become expensive in time.
Although uptime is the best feature offered by the company, its reliability is not consistent. It was only reliable before but as time passes by, its reliability deteriorates.
Support is also not that excellent. There are instances when you are left hanging with nobody to support or assist you with your concerns even if you have tried contacting them already.


Powweb’s support is also reliable. They offer their clients all the support they need in the form of user guides, tutorials, knowledgebase articles, and even a 24/7 support team who can assist clients in case they need help.

Our Verdict

In terms of budget, Powweb may be a bit expensive and they may not be practical for those who are just starting to create a website. But for those who already have the budget to avail of the somewhat hefty cost of web hosting service Powweb offers, this web hosting company is the best solution for their website needs. However, the fact that Powweb has several downsides mentioned may require website owners to conduct further research before they avail of a web hosting service even if it is Powweb.

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2 thoughts on “POWWEB Reviews : A Practical Web Hosting Solution


    I am using Powweb for last 3 years and their quality and customer support has gone down gradually. I reckon they have by far the worst customer support in business today. They use people who have no knowledge of code and so cannot really resolve the issues related to coding and there are billing issues every year. My plan this year jumped from $35 to $120. That finally did it for me and forced me to look for other alternatives. The only positive is that the up time was pretty decent maybe because their server is located in bay area. Apart from that there is little respite. Stay away from them!


    The PowWeb offers pretty good pricing for their services. It is this pricing that brings many clients towards them but like me they will realize that their service is unreliable and the support they offer is even worse. The up time offered by the company is its best feature but even that is not very consistent. The support leaves you hanging despite calling them several times. The pricing which was the main attraction for me has also gone up since and now is not so affordable any more. They not only clear the contents of the email but the email accounts as well.

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