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Rackspace Cloud: A Cloud Hosting for All

Rackspace was among, the first players in the cloud sector. The firm new earlier that, most people wanted, a simpler and faster way, of how to spin up, and down servers. At the company, the word “cloud” has been simpler and straightforward. The philosophy has been open and pragmatic. Today, the company is adding, the latest products and features to come up, with what is known as, the next Gen cloud. Users can still be able to access the Fist Gen Cloud and use cloud software but it does not provide, new features like effective data storage and the ability to change servers. Rackspace Cloud servers are situated in four datacenters. In order to utilize accounts, users must have separate accounts.

Highlight Features

Rackspace cloud panel is custom built :

The panel is equipped with management interfaces for Cloud servers, Cloud sites and Cloud Files. It used to be equipped with a file manager that is web based, but it was removed for undisclosed reasons. The work of the file manager was to allow, the user to manage multiple clients. Clients are allowed to access a restricted version of the panel and this gives them, a good chance to carry out administrative tasks, like managing email accounts. The control panel is a very important place because it is where, the billing and reporting functions, can be found. It also offers access to supporting materials such as forums, live chat and developer resources.

Cloud sites :

This is a cloud platform, that is providing, the same as traditional web hosting but it is built on horizontally scalable hardware. Users can be able to access the service with their credit cards. One thing about Cloud sites, is that they do not support Cold Fusion, Java, SSH or Microsoft exchange. Users cannot be able to come up, with multiple level domains. Cloud sites can be found in Chicago and Dallas. Before webmasters or developers, use services of Rackspace cloud, it is vital for them to know some of the features, that this internet power house offers and the way they function.

Uptime and Reliability

Rackspace could acquired Mailgun, a few months ago and this helped users, to send and receive track emails through their website. More than, ten thousand developers, trust Mailgun. Rackspace Cloud users; get ninety dollars credit for Mailgun services. Rackspace provides Cloud tools are, composed of various applications and infrastructure software. The most popular applications are CopperEgg, Zend, Xeround, NoSQL, and MongoLab. Other features include:

The ability to customize timeout Cloud load balancers for around thirty to one hundred and twenty seconds.
Installing WordPress

Pros and Cons


One of the most popular, benefits of Rackspace Cloud is that, users can be able to access their servers and they are customized. Webmasters can be assisted with various management tools and the support team. Rackspace is equipped with sixteen Linux server images that, users can select to use including multiple different versions. It is also equipped with five windows server images. Webmasters can get Rackspace coupon, at twenty five percent discount rates and other amazing offers. Rackspace Cloud customer support team, is experienced and committed to help customers, so that they take care of their data.


The downfall of Rackspace cloud is that, it is not easy for users to shift from one host to another. Besides that, there services are expensive, compared to other first players, in the cloud sector.


Since Rackspace venture, into the world of web hosting, it has been offering excellent customer support. Clients can communicate with the staff members through email, live chat or email ticketing.

Our Verdict

Rackspace is one of the biggest, web hosting company’s, in the world because it provides hosting services, to small and big businesses, in the world. There are three types of hosting that Rackspace offers, hybrid hosting, cloud hosting and managed hosting. All these three types of hosting have different features and services. Today, Rackspace is selling virtual machines but users, can glue the machine together in different ways.

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3 thoughts on “Rackspace Cloud: A Cloud Hosting for All


    One of the most useful features is provided by Rackspace Cloud and that is, you can actually access and customize the servers. As a webmaster, I was helped with the configuration of my management tools. There are many discounts available at the moment as well. Support is also decent. Shifting from one host to another is a bit tacky, but these guys are inexpensive and they are the first providers of Cloud in this section. There are three different kinds of hosting services offered by Rackspace Cloud and all three have different features. All in all, a good choice for those looking for flexibility, in management of their servers.


    If you are looking for an effective data storage company, I will suggest you to have the Rackspace. They are specialized in cloud hosting. I am using the services from the last 7 months and getting a real pleasure of working with the cloud.
    I am a CEO of a small internet based company and I have several websites. So I was looking for a perfect hosting partner and Rackspace helped me a lot in professional web hosting. As I have no reputation over the internet, so I want to create it. My customers trust me due to 100% website uptime. It really works for receiving a reputation. All of my websites are safe and secure with the Rackspace. I never faced a single error in my websites. They all are perfectly running over the server of Rackspace. They have great customer care and support staff for resolving the queries.
    Thank you Rackspace for your quality support and services.


    I switched to Rackspace in December 2009 and really was hoping for the best. Our previous experience with managed hosting was a total disaster. This switch however has been a great success for us. We have been using them for 4 years now and we are very happy. They are delivering exactly what they promised. This is a welcome change to our initial service provider who didn’t provide ANYTHING of what it said it would. The monitoring and excellent technical and customer support they have provided means we sleep well these days. A bit expensive but no worries involved. That is more important for us.

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