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Startlogic Reviews : The Host to look out for

Startlogic was established, in 2003 and since its inception, the company has been considered, as one of the best providers, of web hosting services. Thou, the company looks, like a new company, there are so many webmasters and developers, who have worked, with the company, for more than two years. Up to date, the company has more than, thirty thousand customers. Starlogic won various awards, because of providing high quality service to customers. The firm house packages are equipped, with free set up, unlimited bandwidth and free domain names. Starlogic staff department gives advice to both large and small businesses.

Highlight Features

The firm has installed vDeck control panel, in all their servers: This makes it easier, for customers, to update their website and it is also good, for average beginner webmasters.

Startlogic is also equipped, with Google Webmaster Tools: Most customers use Google Webmaster Tools, to make their website, Google Friendly. Google Webmaster Tools, are also essential because they help, website owners to view their site, to diagnose issues and to share information, with Google, this helps in improving the website visibility. The Google Webmaster Tools also help customers, to save time and they are convenient.

Uptime and Reliability

Starlogic understands customer’s needs and priorities. This is one of the reasons, why the company provides reliable, dependable and worthwhile services. The company has a great number of customers and the number, keeps on increasing daily. Starlogic is equipped, with over 800 high powered serves, while the state of the art infrastructure is fully equipped. This is vital, because it helps in ensuring that, all websites, which are hosted, are running smoothly and efficiently. The firm has hired, experienced technicians, who maintain the servers, daily and this makes the company to provide, load-balancing technology. Customers are also assured that, their information is safe and secure.

Pros and Cons


The company provides friendly and reliable web hosting services. Their hosting solutions are affordable. Startlogic provides three types of hosting services, basic, dedicated and virtual server hosting. Their servers are fast and do not hang. The company is equipped with VDeck hosting panel, something which is good for customers, who do not require CPanel as their control panel for hosting. The company provides, hosting services to all customers from beginner webmaster to large or small business websites. Therefore, it is up to the customers, to take advantage of the reliable hosting services that, the firm provides. The firm also provides dependable customer support.


The only downfall of Starlogic is that, their customer support is moderate.


For any type of web hosting firm, support is important. Starlogic hired experienced skilled staff members. This makes the firm, to offer dependable customer support. Customers can get help, anytime that, they want. The company is also equipped, with a support ticket system and free telephone support. The company has made it easier, for customers, to get help from clients, when they need it. Starlogic is also equipped with a live web chat. Besides that, the firm is also equipped, with an additional service page where users, can change or add their domain names, disk space and order SSL certificates.

Our Verdict

Those people, who have a website and they want, to switch to a new host, this firm has a monthly plan, that includes email accounts and unlimited disk space. You will get keyword generator services, special marketing guides and many more. The company has more than two thousand customers and this proves that, they are offering the best services. In order to make sure that, your website stays online all the time, the firm uses high tech equipment in doing this. The firm also offers, a thirty day money back guarantee.

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4 thoughts on “Startlogic Reviews : The Host to look out for


    When I started looking for a reliable web hosting service about 6 years ago, I was lured to StartLogic because of the good reviews back then. The pricing was also to my liking and they helped me quite a lot when I was setting up my website. But when I tried to make changes in the site subsequently it was extremely difficult. The control panel is not simple to use and I could never manage to enter via the control panel. I was forced to call their support and was informed that StartLogic doesn’t work well with Internet Explorer. I am not sure if that is correct. Overall bad experience for me.


    I was very tired with my local web host. So I changed my server to the Startlogic on the recommendation of my friend. I am really very happy with the Startlogic. They are very fast in file transfer. I provide them the user id and password of my old web hosting and asked them to transfer all data to the new server and wow, they did it within 2 hours. The data was very large and I have more than 50 websites in that account. They installed wordpress on all the domains and my websites worked fine. I was very impressed with the services so I booked another account with new IP address. Now I have 2 web hosting accounts with this company and I am totally satisfied. Their server supported all programming language and CMS based platform.

    So friends, if you want to have a good web host at economical prices stay with the Startlogic.


    StarLogic seemed like a decent web hosting service at the start. But my email account has been hacked many times in the past few months. Some problem always occurs and it starts spamming my clients. When it happened for the first time the customer support and the tech support were unable to locate who the culprit was and what his IP address was and as a result I was asked to change my password. This however gave kept me secure for about a week before the spamming began again. This certainly is not acceptable and I have decided to switch to another hosting company.


    StartLogic sucks, and more.

    They don’t know the basics of web hosting

    They have incompetent support staff in India. They actually have never announced that it resides in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
    The support staff there is absolutely worthless. You can make out that you are probably chatting with a careless betel chewer who is a school drop out and who has no idea about your question asked, doesn’t know English in the first place, and frustrates you no end with his guffaws.
    StartLogic changes the file permissions on their own. 644 gets changed to 755. Why? They have no answer.

    The support staff will easily let anyone in the webhosting panel of a customer by the answering of a very stupid question. Their security in this context is absolutely (ABSOLUTELY) alarming (ALARMING). You can complain as many times but either they will not understand or pretend that they have not understood and be evasive, be diversionary.

    The sites hosted on their werservers will not show in other countries for some mysterious reason. Instead something else will show up, perhaps Google search engine sites.

    The Simple scripts that are normally allowed on other webhosting sites fail on theirs and you are frustrated down to hell and you have no idea about retribution from where. Their support staff doesn’t know what you are talking about. So you pay for the databases but they are as good as redundant.
    StartLogic webhosting by default will name your index file as index.htm when the first file to the best of my knowledge is index.html. They deliberately do not let this little important piece of info. known to their customers. Thus, this fact coupled with some other technical glitch or gimmick (by StartLogic themselves), will not yield your home page but a parking page filled with their ppc advertisements. That file (the .html file) is not visible to you in the control panel. THAT IS BIG BIG FRAUD. The entire internet community should take note of this. How petty can anyone get. Theft of your traffic and making money from your traffic is a WEBHOSTING INTERNET CRIME.

    Unconfirmed reports have told me that their Indian employees in Mangalore have illegal liaisons with some Indian companies.

    Not only do the file permissions get changed from 644 to 755 for a mysterious reason, there is no record of the date and time when this criminal act was committed. There is no way you get an intimation. There is no way you get to know when your webhosting control panel was accessed and from where (ip address, country etc.). Very surreptitiously, without informing the customer, the index.html files are removed. So if you have already taken care by uploading (copying from .htm and then renaming actually) a .html file also alongwith the .htm (default of StartLogic), even then you are not secure because you never will notice or be intimated when a thief or ghost will enter your hosting panel and remove or delete the .html file. Example is the link above at tripodot.info. It is actually supposed to go to tripodot.com/info/index.htm. It is a redirect by the way (incidental). It doesn’t. It actually goes to tripodot.com/index.html. This is because StartLogic by default names all html files uploaded with .htm extension but actually points the folder recall or folder fetch command to the index.html file. Okay, fine. So I copied the .htm file, renamed the file with the extension only to .html and then kept it alongside, hoping that now in any case, the intended file shall be seen. Alas, I noticed after a few months that the .html file was gone and now if you were to go to tripodot.info, then you would actually land up at their parking page at tripodot.com/info/index.html. And this is because (to add to that), there is also an act of “undoing” your disabling of the 404 error page. This means that if you have disabled their parking page as a result of 404 error page (where they show their page with ppc advertisements), then once again a ghost or a thief visits your control panel and undoes the disabling, meaning that now allowing for the error page with ads to show. Did you get it? 2 things were done by them – no. one >> .html file removed by them, no. 2 >> undoing of your disabling of the 404 error page. So the visitor lands at their parking page with their ppc ads. And you don’t know that this is happening. You can’t check everything all the time. This is becaue some geolocation parameters also creep in. I am in Delhi, so here it is fine, but in Maharashtra or Assam or elsewhere outside of India for that matter, they are displaying the ppc page. You tell this to their support staff when you notice, and they tell you that you must have a secure password!! Can you believe that? I don’t know from what family background these crooks come? Petty, louts, thieves, hungry and naked. Get out and beg, StartLogic! Don’t spoil the hosting industry. 🙁 Disgrace. I have since noticed (only a few hours ago), that the .html file was gone. I have done it again (copied the .htm file, renamed it to .html and then keeping it alongside the .htm) (April 26, 2013). So let’s see what happens when you visit tripodot.com/info/index.htm and tripodot.com/info/index.html which should actually be the same (copies). If it doesn’t, intimate.

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