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Yahoo! Web Hosting Reviews : One of the Best Web Hosting Providers

When, it comes to choosing a web hosting online site, one of the most important factor that, internet users must, consider is cost. Today, it is not hard, to get web hosting services, like most people think, it is very easy. The best type of web hosting in the market is Yahoo Web hosting. It is the best especially, if you are conscientious in backing up, all your online site information. There are numerous benefits that you are going to enjoy, if you choose, a reliable web hosting firm like Yahoo Web Hosting. It is not possible, to be successful online, by just coming up with a website; you must use various techniques and ways to generate, customers to your website.

Highlight Features

There are different types of web hosting providers online. Yahoo Web Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers, when it comes to the number, of features that it offers. These features, are vital because they allow, the user to maximize the return on the amount of money, that you have used in coming up with the website. Some of these features that, Yahoo Web Hosting offer include:

Free customizable design:

It provides online design tools and page outs, which are flexible. There is also a site creation checklist, which helps in ensuring that, there is a smooth, site building process. Users can be able to enter and format text as well as photos. Some of the tools that the site supports include PNG, JPG and GIF.

Amazing multimedia and interactive features:

If a website has been set up for business purpose, it is a must for the website to have these features, especially if the website, sells various products and services. Yahoo Web Hosting is equipped with advanced features, to come up with a professional site. It is possible to add sound to your website because Yahoo Web Hosting, offers a built audio player. This means that, you can be able to download MP3 sounds. This is important because it makes it easier, for musicians to sell their music online.

Uptime and Reliability
Yahoo is a very big corporation and the headquarters are in California. The company is popularly known for offering email services and search engine. Yahoo web Hosting has an amazing record since it was formed. To date, it is one of the most popular web hosting companies because of its reliable servers.

Pros and Cons


Business Email: It is possible to create a custom email address and incorporate your email with Yahoo Web Hosting. There are various plans, which are available but there are some plans, which offer more than, nine hundred different custom email address. The business email is equipped; with anti virus protection and anti spam protection. It is even possible, to use programs such as outlook, in checking your email.

Free Domain name: If you sign up for Yahoo Web Hosting, you can be able choose your domain name, free of charge. Besides that, you will be able to access, Yahoo, any time you like. There is no body, who is going to forward, your domain to another online site.

Brand Name Recognition: Everybody knows Yahoo name. If you choose a reliable and popular firm like Yahoo, it means that, you will be able to access, new technology that the firm offers.

Unlimited Space: There are so many hosting companies, which offer their services, at very low prices to attract customers, but they do not offer quality services for that low price. In your website, you should have unlimited space, so that, it becomes easier to add graphics, large files and many more information. There are some web hosting firms, which provide tiered service plan. Every tier has a certain amount of space and if you fill up your space, you will be forced to upgrade the tier. The good thing about Yahoo Web hosting is that, it provides unlimited space for your site.


The biggest cons, of using Yahoo Web hosting is that, some of features that, this host uses are more advanced, something which makes it difficult, for webmasters to use, especially, if this is their first time that, they are venturing, into the world of web hosting.


There are different types of customer support, that yahoo offers. Starters can check online guides and video tutorials.

Our Verdict

Choosing a web hosting service can be difficult process, especially if this is the first time. But, it is advisable to use services of Yahoo Web Hosting because they are reliable and up to standard. Yahoo provides all the tools, which are required for a successful hosting for both, personal and business websites.

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3 thoughts on “Yahoo! Web Hosting Reviews : One of the Best Web Hosting Providers


    Yahoo hosting is perfect for the small business person. I am using the Yahoo services from the last 1 year. They are good in all aspects. I am very satisfied with the Yahoo hosting. My website is working very fine on the Yahoo server. I have good traffic on my website and I never faced bandwidth related problems. In my view, Yahoo is one of the best web hosting companies around the globe. My personal experience with the Yahoo web hosting is excellent.

    The price of the hosting is reasonable. It is surprisingly very low as compared to the large web hosting companies. They are also good in support. There are various payment options with them and hence you can easily pay your invoice.

    Honestly, Yahoo is perfect for me. I recommend the Yahoo services to all my friends. They are good and they will never cheat you. Yahoo is perfect web hosting partner in my view.


    Yahoo web hosting provided me with the most number of features I could find on a range of different hosting service providers across internet. These features proved to be vial to me in generating the money I made from the investment. I could use customizable design for free and was able to use online design tools for creating the site. I was actually able to create a professional site because Yahoo web hosting offers amazing interactive and multimedia features. You can actually add sound to your site. Domain name is free which was great. On the negative side it is not too friendly with beginners.


    Yahoo is one of the best web hosting service providers out there on internet. The main reason for this is their excellent up time and the huge number of features they offer. Yahoo is a good return for your money and my website has not been down in last 4 years. One of the great things about Yahoo is that are not likely to close down or something. This adds to their reliability and their value. Their customer service also appears to be terrific and they have given me all the tools I will ever need for dominating my micro niche market. My business has grown with Yahoo and I recommend this service to the readers whole heartedly.

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