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It is not that easy to choose which among the many content management systems is right for you. But if you are currently deciding between Typo3 and Drupal, there are several things to consider and you need to take a look at these things and see what makes one better than the other.

  • Learning Ease. If you are not an expert, of course you would consider the learning ease of these systems. In this area, Drupal is the winner because it is easier to learn. It has a lot of resources you can turn to in order to learn how to use this software. On the other hand, Typo3 is difficult to learn because it lacks the documentation and resources needed by beginners to learn to use this tool.
  • Interface. When it comes to the user interface, Typo3 is the winner. Considering the interface of software does not only mean considering good-looking interface but it also means considering user-friendly interface. Typo3 has features like the drag and drop content and pages that make it easy for users to navigate compared to the interface design of Drupal.
  • Security. The security of a content management system is very important to users. This is why this is also something to consider when choosing your CMS. In this aspect, Typo3 has better security measures than Drupal. Aside from having better security measures or better response when it comes to keeping security active, Typo3 is known to have lesser security holes than any other CMS like Drupal. It is harder to compromise.

CMS Comparison
Picture 1 : CMS Comparison Chart (Source : IBM.com)

  • Design and Templates. When it comes to templates, both CMS options offer layout control. Users can choose what kind of layout they want to incorporate in their website, etc. However, when it comes to the template quality and design, Typo3 is once again the winner. This is because Typo3’s templates are better-looking than Drupal’s since you are allowed to create the template that you want. This guarantees you that what you are putting on your website is something that you really like. Drupal’s templates are rather boring.
  • Template Availability. If the quality of templates makes Typo3 the winner, for those who are beginners, they would find Drupal much more convenient. This is because of Drupal’s default templates. There are available templates you can choose from and use right away, unlike Typo3 which is empty since you need to create your own template. This is inconvenient for beginners.
  • Customization Ease. In this area, Typo3 is once again the winner. It is very easy to customize as there is no need for bundled plugins. This gives this tool the ability to handle several websites than Drupal. Drupal needs to have bundled modules enabled which is why it is only suited for community sites.

By considering these things, it would be easy for you to connect these with your needs and easily decide whether what you need is Druapl or Typo3. Each has it share of pros and cons and only your needs can help you determine which is best.

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