What is GD Library and what are its benefits?

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GD Library

There is lots of image software nowadays that allow anybody to manipulate images, etc. One of these is the GD Library. If you are not that familiar with image software such as the GD Library, you need to know and understand what this software is and how it could benefit the users.

GD Library is also known as GD Graphics Library. It is software that was created or developed by Thomas Boutell. Like any other image software, the main purpose of GD Library is to manipulate images. It uses ANSI C as its native programming language and this is mostly installed on servers. GD Library is good software that any developer would want to install and use. This is because of the many benefits that this software can offer. Some of the most popular benefits of this software are:

  • The creation, composition and editing of any images. To create cool images, you don’t simply need a picture of anything. If you want to enhance an image there are also other factors you need to compose along with your basic image. The GD Library allows you to create images that are either composed of lines and arcs with texts or composed of multiple colors. This is because this software supports true color images, re-sampling and a lot more features that contain all the things you need to create the image you want and edit it the way you want to.
  • The support for a variety of programming languages. If you want to manipulate images, it would be better if you can do so with almost all images that you have; no matter what format they have or no matter what programming language is used. GD Library surprisingly supports a lot of programming languages and these include Perl, Python, Pascal, PHP, and a lot more. It even supports GIF images which is why the software also includes GIF animation support in its features. The fact that it supports numerous programming languages makes this software very versatile as GD scripts can be written and run using any language.
  • PHP Development. This is another cool benefit of GD Library. This software is a great contributor towards PHP development. This is not the primary tool needed to create PHP but because of the fact that this software makes all the tasks needed to develop PHP easy and possible such as converting and editing images, etc., this tool can help make PHP development easier.
  • Installing Ease and Convenience. The final benefit of GD Library is the fact that installing this software can be done with ease and convenience. In fact, it is very effortless because as mentioned, this tool is installed in almost all servers. All you need to do is check whether this tool is already installed in your server or not. Once it is installed, then you can instantly reap its benefits. If not, you can simply download it which does not take much time and effort as well.
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