What is PGP Encryption and why is it Necessary?

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PGP Encryption

Now that everything may be seen and heard on the web and almost everything may be done online like banking, shopping, managing financial accounts, training and so much more; there is always a question about a person’s online security. PGP is the product of countless research regarding safe data encryption and decryption.

What is PGP then?

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a computer program that helps sites encrypt data to protect its users and members. PGP is seen in almost everywhere in a website, from encrypting texts, creating emails, uploading files and filling out forms. With PGP encryption, data provided by your customers will always be confidential and protected. Other site users and members cannot view, use and steal it over the web.

PGP Encryption Diagram

However, how PGP works is not a secret at all. It uses a variation of a publicly known encryption system as well as a private key that is only known to a particular user. Users send messages to other people using a public key and as they receive the message, they use their private key to decrypt the message. Further variations of PGP may be used faster and more secure than earlier versions and there are several types of PGP as well.

How will PGP help website owners?

Site user’s information is always protected. No one can view it and it will never be stolen over the web no matter what. However, information may be shared with others like groups of users and within secured departments.

With PGP encryption, you can always be certain from whom the email is from. You can easily verify information sent to you and ensure that you are not being spammed by anyone like a third party.

When data is encrypted from your end and is sent to other people you can be sure that data has not been altered as it is sent. Your emails cannot be infiltrated by email attacks and by system hackers.

With an Open PGP system, you will never have to purchase certificates and product keys. This means you can save a huge amount of money. An open system will provide you with full control over your security system.

When you purchase PGP technology today, you can be sure that you are protected from future threats since this encryption system is approved by the US Government from all possible threats.

You may look for the most efficient PGP encryption system online. This program is purchased, downloaded and installed to your PC. There is no need for additional software or programs and it does not need additional requirements from your system. It will work with your default email program and even with your Microsoft Outlook system.

After set-up, you will need to register the public key that your PGP program has so that people you contact from your email service may find your public key easily. What was once a regulated system is now being used by users outside the United States. This will safeguard users’ information but will also protect your site as well.

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