What is Ruby on Rails and its Benefits?

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Ruby on Rails

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails or simply Rails is a web application created for the Ruby programming language. It runs on Ruby programming language and is described as having a full-stacked framework which means it provides freedom for site developers to create applications and pages that are independent of any web browser. Sites that are run on Rails will be able to gather information from the server and can function independently through the use of many applications.

What is different in programming using Rails is it uses popular software engineering pattern as well as principles. The original author of Ruby on Rails is David Heinemeter Hansson and was released as open source software in 2004. The developers of Rails are the Rails Core Team and the latest release is Rails 3.2.12 in February 11, 2013.

What is Ruby on Rails for?

  •  Website development
  • Mapping systems
  • Movies and video sites
  • Social networking sites
  • Shopping online sites
  • Directory sites

Ruby on Rails has been behind so many successful websites and this is because it is very flexible and has several features that can make sites more attractive and user-friendly. It is responsible for colorful and user-friendly sites like Groupon, Twitter, Hulu, Streeteasy, Bleacher Report, Penny Arcade, Insider Pages, Sound Cloud, Rate My Area and WhitePages to name a few. As of February 2012, it is estimated that there are more than 235,000 websites that are using Ruby on Rails.

Other important information about Ruby on Rails:

Rails philosophy stems from Convention over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself. These just basically means that Rails would like to implement a simplified approach to programming: there is less repetition and less codes that are used.

Ruby on Rails needs a web server to run; the most recommended servers are Apache, Cherokee, Haiwatha, and Lighttpd to name a few. Since 2008, the web server Phusion Passenger is considered as the most widely used server to run Rails.

Programming tools are the main features of Ruby on Rails which make site development a cinch. From basic website tools to create impressive interfaces and scaffolding features on a site a programmer or website developer can create almost anything that his client wishes to have on his site

Research has been made regarding several criticisms and comparisons of Rails to Java; this is possibly in reference to thousands of sites that rely on Ruby on Rails for their applications. Gartner Research in 2011 has mentioned that despite this similarity, Rails still prove to be an undeniable force in the creation of scalable web programs that allow a variety of useful and entertaining sites. Developers of Rails expect more companies who will be using this agile and sustainable website programming tool to create their official sites in the future.

There are several sites that offer tutorials and FAQs about the use of Ruby on Rails. Visiting http://rubyonrails.org/ will provide you access on the best information and recent developments about Rails which is still being developed as we speak.

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