What is Secure Shell Access and its Benefits?

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What is Secure Shell Access?

Secure Shell Access or simply Secure Shell or SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that websites used for securing data communication as well as other security features so you can access your system remotely. SSH is often used by system administrators to be able to provide safety and control Web applications on a remote basis. SSI is made of three utilities: ssh, slogin and scp. Some of the popular reasons why SSH is preferred is that the way its commands are encrypted so that all your data are also secure; a digital certificate is used in both ends of the connection. Log ins and identities of users are authenticated as well as passwords are encrypted to provide optimum safety at every end of the client and server connection.

The first version of the SSH was designed by Tatu Ylonen a researcher in 1995 at Helsinki University of Finland. A freeware version was released in 1995 and by the end of the same year has had 20,000 users all over the world.

What is Secure Shell Access for?

– Logging in safely to remote computers
–  With the client-server model, you can execute administrator commands, changing connections and forwarding ports via remote computer.
–  To be used in cloud computing to prevent security issues
–  Provides security as a user browses using a firewall to any system

Other important information about Secure Shell Access:

With the use of RSA public key cryptography for connection as well as identity authentication SSH has been able to provide secure data management and website development of more than 2 million users of SSH since 2000.

The latest version of SSH is SSH2 which is supported with a set of standards from the IETF or the Internet Engineering Task Force. The use of SSH1 has already been discouraged since there are several vulnerabilities that have been seen. Design flaws as well as several attacks to the encryption of data have been reported. Modern servers are already supporting this new SSH version.

SSH may be used across a variety of platforms; it may be applied to Microsoft Windows as well as UNIX family of systems like Linux, OSX and Solaris. It is needed for secure transfer of data and files, to create an efficient file back up as well as mirror or copy files plus moving or tunnelling from one port to another.

Some mobile devices also use SSH and this is to make computing and accessing data from your mobile device like a smartphone, BlackBerry or your Android phone safe and secure.

Several file transfer protocols also use SSH.

Throughout the years, SSH has been one of the most widely enhanced security protocols; several Secure Shell products were made to cater to client’s individual needs.

If you are new to Secure Shell, there are several tutorial lessons that are available online. You may also avail of SSH set up manuals that may be downloaded from the web to improve your SSH use.

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