Advantage And Disadvantage Of osCommerce Shopping Cart

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osCommerce Shopping Cart

osCommerce shopping carts or open source commerce shopping carts are now becoming very popular. But given the various options that are available, choosing the right one could at times could be difficult and even overwhelming. It is very important to have a clear understanding about the features, functionalities, security options and facilities before actually going in for them. This particular software has its own advantages and disadvantages about which also we should have a reasonably good idea.

osCommerce Examples Website
osCommerce Examples Website

Advantages Of osCommerce Shopping Cart

Amongst the various advantages which work in favor of osCommerce shopping cart is the fact that it can be obtained at a very cheap cost and in fact there are many websites from where it can be downloaded without spending a single dollar. But this alone is not the only reason why osCommerce shopping carts are as popular as they are today. They are well known for their flexibility and customizing it and integrating it to any website should not normally be a difficult proposition. Any person with reasonably good designing skills can make the required modifications. Hence this particular software is very popular amongst business entrepreneurs who also have some bit of computer programming and software development. Upgrading of an osCommerce shopping cart can be done quite easily and most of these upgrades are available freely for download and integration with the existing application that is running on your website.

osCommerce Backend Demo
osCommerce Backend Demo

Disadvantages Of osCommerce Shopping Cart

However, as is the case with any product, service or even software application, many people see some disadvantages with osCommerce shopping cart applications. The biggest problem is lack of technical support. This is probably because most of the open source shopping carts that are available in the market are freely downloading. Hence, getting any kind of technical support or guidance is next to impossible. While it is a flexible application, the benefits of the same can accrue only to those customers who have some basic knowledge about programming and writing of codes. Ordinary individuals who want to be entrepreneurs using osCommerce shopping cart may find the going tough. The updates of the software have to be monitored manually and hence this could prove to be a big problem over a period of time. Security is an area of concern which also inhibits many users from trying this particular software. Since this is a freely available software, the usage of the same is quite high. While this is good news, it also has a downside to it. Delays in transacting using this application are not very uncommon and this could be attributed to overloading in the platform more often than not.


In fine, though there are some limiting factors associated with this open source shopping cart, it still continues to be in demand, presumably for the simple reason that it is available free of cost. However, as an end user it is important to perform a thorough due diligence before actually going in for it. At the end of day there is not doubt that this software does compare favorably with the commercial shopping carts that are available in the market.

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