Drupal vs. GEEKLOGS Web CMS

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Drupal vs Geeklogs


Drupal is an open-source web content management application that boasts of more than 600,000 online users comprising of web developers, webmasters and bloggers. The application is made available for download according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the GPL (General Public License). What this means is that, you are not only able to download the application but share it with other online users.

The fact that Drupal is an open-source software means that the online community is continuously working to ensure that the application is superior compared to other content management systems accessible in the market like WordPress, Joomla and GEEKLOGS.
But, what are some of the pros and cons of choosing to use Drupal over other web content management systems? Listed below are the pros and cons of opting to use Drupal.

The Pros

Drupal boasts of key features webmasters and bloggers need for their daily web management activities. Some of the key features that have been included in Drupal include RSS Feeds, System Administration, User Account Registration as well as Maintenance, Menu Management and Page Layout Customization. Devoid of these features, you won’t be able to develop a multi-user blog, community website and forums.

Drupal provides users with the means through which they can develop their own templates using graphics applications like Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Then again, you can choose to use inbuilt templates for creating blogs and websites.

The web content management system provides users with powerful and robust tools that can be utilized in creating compelling contents which include but not limited to user management, videos, text and polls.

The application boasts of highly modified administrative controls. By making use of the application, you can effortlessly create fresh user accounts in addition to assigning user permissions.

In addition to the above, Drupal has more than 7000 extensions and plugins that can be used in modifying your blog and sites.

The Cons

In terms of user friendliness, Drupal is inferior to web content management systems like WordPress, GEEKLOGS and Joomla.

The application takes a relatively long time to fully load.


Drupal vs Geeklogs

As is the case with Drupal, GEEKLOGS is an open-source web content management system. It is primarily utilized in the management of complex and dynamic online content. The software has been developed using PHP and as such has the capacity to support MySQL, MS SQL and POSTGRESQL databases. GEEKLOGS is generally classified as an out-of-the-box content management system and as such does not require additional extensions and plugins to be installed.

The Pros

Security: The CMS software is quite secure as it offers out-of-the-box security features like spam protection.

Open-source CMS application: This feature makes it easier for users to share the web content management system with other users.

Robust online community: The CMS boasts of a robust online community thus making it easier for users to obtain support on the areas that they may not understand.

The Cons

Steep learning curve: It can take an average user up to 3 months to go through the entire documentation.

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