Is There Any Difference Between the OpenPGP and GPG?

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For protecting the electronic communications, the OpenPGP and gpg were created. They could encrypt and apply digital signs to electronic communication methods like email so that your email remains private and is protected from viruses and spammers. In this way, it will be difficult for the spammers and viruses to forge your email. Generally, the full form of PGP is Pretty Good Privacy and the full form of GPG is Gnu Privacy Guard. These two programs were developed so that no one can read and store your private email and are till now the best the data decryption and encryption solutions. In this way, the email communication remains secure and these two programs keep them private by only allowing the authorized people to encrypt the message in the email.

The difference between OpenPGP and GPG

There are some basic differences between the OpenPGP and gpg:

The OpenPGP was at first the copyright freeware program which was later turned into a propriety program. On the other hand, the gpg was the re-writed or upgraded version of the OpenPGP.
The OpenPGP is traded with royalty and legal defense costs, but the gpg is free of royalty and legal cost because this program is not patented.
The OpenPGP uses IDEA encryption and algorithm and RSA algorithm, while the gpg uses Advanced encryption standard and the NIST AES.
The OpenPGP has better Windows version with polished interface, while the gpg is available for Windows as well as other systems.
The OpenPGP is owned by the PGP Corporation and the gpg is documented and stored by the OpenPGP Alliance.
The NIST AES of gpg costs less than the IDEA encryption of the OpenPGP and is more secured than it.
Both the OpenPGP and the gpg are based on a command line.

PGP Encryption Diagram
Picture 1 : OpenPGP Diagram

You can easily download the freeware version of the OpenPGP from the PGP international website which is restricted for personal use only. On the other hand, the gpg can be downloaded from the GPG which is open for both public and private use.

Is the OpenPGP compatible with the GPG?

There is also a difference of compatibility between the OpenPGP and gpg:

The OpenPGP is compatible with Windows, while the gpg is more compatible with Mac and Windows than the PGP and the OpenPGP.
The OpenPGP supports encryption algorithm which is has license or patent restrictions, but the gpg encryption does not have a license or patent restriction.
The freeware personal version of the OpenPGP can be used to decrypt the message of the gpg which can handle D-H keys, but the gpg cannot encrypt foreign keys such as the RSA and PGP keys.
Even though the OpenPGP has been in use for a long time and can encrypt and decrypt with RSA and PGP keys, still it is much preferred than the gpg which is less expensive, easily available and do not have licensing restrictions.

Now days, several graphical user interfaces of the OpenPGP and gpg are created for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems.

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