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4images Gallery

One of the most popular gallery management systems is 4images. If you want to create an online gallery for your business or for your website, this software can help you. However, as a wise person, you need to make sure your option is the best one for you. You can do this by getting to know the pros and cons of 4images gallery first before making a decision.

The Pros

4images gallery is not a popular gallery management system for nothing. The reason why it belongs to the list of top gallery management system is because of the following pros:

It is easy to use. The 4images software is a very easy to use tool so it makes it easy for people to create their own gallery even if they are not experts. Using this tool only takes minutes and your gallery can be built already.

It is easy to install. This tool is very easy to install. The fact that it is easy to install allows anyone to complete the gallery and start using it right away. It can save you time and save you effort as well.

It comes with very cool features. This tool comes with a lot of significant features such as a comment system, RSS-Feeds, user registration and management, spam-protection, password protected administration area, backup function, e-cards, a newsletter function, automatic thumbnail generation and a lot more. All these features can help in creating a nice website gallery.

It is free software. This software can be downloaded for free which is why it is popular. There is no need to spend a lot to create your own website because you can create one using this free software.

It comes with a template system. This feature is the one responsible for the allowing you to control the layout you are going to apply to your gallery as well as manage your photos. This template system does not require anybody to be a professional developer in order to create a wonderful website gallery.

It is a multilingual tool. This software also has a modern interface that allows anyone to apply an external language file so that a new translation can be added. It is not only a tool for a single language but for a lot of different countries with different languages.

The Cons

There is a single and quiet annoying con when using this software though. This con may not be mainly directed to the software performance but is connected to the use of the tool. Using this tool may require you to visit the 4images website for technical support and this is where the flaw is. This is because the website is non-English. This makes it hard to contact them for support or to get technical assistance.

Overall, in terms of performance, 4images is a handy tool for beginners as well as expert developers and that is what’s most important in a gallery management and content management system.

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