Pros and cons of Typo3 CMS

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Typo3 CMS

Typo3 CMS is a content management system popular for its ability to help people and business create their own websites even if they have no knowledge about HTML. However, even if Typo3 is helpful software, knowing its pros and cons can help you decide whether you need to get this software or not.

The Pros

It comes with robust features. This software comes with not only numerous features that can help people and businesses, but this also comes with robust and useful features such as a website creation wizard, login controls, caching, content restrictions, SSL, parent-child templates and a lot more . All of the features needed by people and businesses are even incorporated in this system which is why it is said that this has everything.

It is commercial quality software. It plays a great role in commercial businesses to achieve success.

It is compatible with most databases and most open source CMS. This is one thing that makes this software fun to use. It is also compatible with operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC as well as with browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more.

It is easy to use. This software is easy to use because of the features it contains such as the wizard that help you create a website easily. The fact that it is compatible with most CMS, browsers and OS also makes this software easy to use.

CMS Comparison
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The Cons

Typo3 may be a very handy tool and may have its share of pros, but what makes this tool perfect is the fact that it also has its share of cons. Whether the cons are major or minor, it helps when you know these cons so that you’ll know what to expect from this software and avoiding too much disappointment.

It is not that easy to use for those who have no background knowledge or training about CMS. It may allow people to create a website without HTML knowledge but it is not easy to start using this tool without background knowledge.

It requires knowledge through education and training before you get used to this software. This is in connection with the first con of this tool. This software is not that easy to use because even if it has all the features, it requires knowledge in order for you to use this tool flawlessly. In order to avail of the many features and the benefits of these features, one must learn things like Typoscript language, etc. Learning and acquiring knowledge about this tool does not take weeks or overnight for that matter, rather, it requires serious education and training and one may be required to read documents, train Javascript, and a lot more programming languages in order to get used to this tool and utilize it well for your benefit.

Typo3 is complex software but a very helpful tool. Therefore, if you want this tool to contribute to your business’ success, you need to learn how to take advantage of it and give your staff proper training for it.

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