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Codero Reviews : Hosting Solution for the Corporate Users

Most Codero web hosting services are aimed at the business and corporate users. The company has a 100%, uptime guarantee and SSAE certification. Codero was established in 1992. The CEO of the company is known as Sayegh and he has a lot of experience in this industry. Before, Sayegh joined Codero; he used to work, in other web hosting companies like Dell, HP and Rackspace. Sayegh joined the firm in 2012. The entire management team has impressive qualifications and a lot of experience, in the IT industry. Codero is based United States and it is privately owned. The company offices are based in KS, TX, Lenexa and Austin.

Highlight Features

All the servers, of the firm are backed, by a power backup system, clock surveillance, network monitoring and security. The firm provides, managed hosting and it manages the server for customers. Their dedicated server helps, the company, to offer a functional and dedicated hosting environment. Every account is capable of adding additional applications, IP addresses, extra RAM and bandwidth. The main aim of the company is to make sure that, all customers have the tools and features, which are required to have a good experience, with the company. If you want to get more information, about their dedicated servers, visit the firm website and find out which hosting plans, the firm offers.

Uptime and Reliability

Codero places a lot of emphasis, on uptime not like other web hosts, companies and this is one of the reasons that make the company, to offer one hundred percent uptime guarantee. The company has three data centers, one of them, is based in Ashburn, another in Chicago and the last one is in Phoenix. According to the firm website, the CEO is going to be opening, two more data centers in 2013. All the facilities, that the firm is equipped with, have been kitted out well. Security is up to standard, the company has installed CCTV cameras and biometric locks. The company data centers have been modified, in such a way that, the use less electricity. The firm also plants trees, in order to offset emissions.

Pros and Cons


All the information that, you require has been listed on their website. Users can be able to calculate, how much they have used and put aside some money for it, even if you are going to be using hourly services. Their website is so easy to use and all the details that you require have been listed in the website, this allows you to get all the information that you require. Codero customers are offered a money back guarantee. Customers, who are affected by network failures, are refunded back their money.


The only disadvantage of this firm is that, the customer department might take long, to reply your email because the company, has so many customers.


Codero is one of the hosting companies that has specified, where their technical support department is based. The US team provides, all the support and it is available twenty four seven. The support department is found through telephone, support ticket system and Skype. Customers can also contact the firm through email. The firm is also equipped with a status page, which is regularly updated. The support department is helpful and friendly. They help customers, to answer tough questions. With all these features in place, this is a clear indication, that this company takes, it very serious, when it comes to support.

Our Verdict

The company commitment to excel is obvious. The firm hosting plans are focused on quality and not quantity. Codero is one of the company, that has extensive experience in this industry and the company is equipped, with different cloud hosting packages, that you can choose from, this makes customers to enjoy stability and convenience that, the firm offers.

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3 thoughts on “Codero Reviews : Hosting Solution for the Corporate Users


    As far as my knowledge is concerned, you will be hard pressed to find a hosting provider that offers reasonable pricing, easy management, and has the server performing well constantly. I have been working with many hosting companies and there are many poor quality hosting there. I was looking for a server that will work reliably over a period of time. Support is the only area that needs improvement in my opinion. All the details you will ever need have been listed on their site. I have also learned that actually offer refund in case of network failure. Fantastic!


    I have been working with numbers of web hosting company and Codero is one of them. I am not happy with their services. Every time they messaged me a server problem or changing the name server and IP. This really frustrated me. I called them several times regarding the issue but they never provide me a proper solution. I don’t recommend this company for hosting. They charged a good amount but their quality is very poor. My websites showed database connection error, 404 error, bandwidth error and numbers of other issues. I am really very tired with this company. I am planning to move from this company. Once a time, my hard disk had crashed and I asked for my website’s data. They refused to provided and told that the data is very large and they are unable to download. This experience really hurts. Very bad experience I have with the Codero.
    Stay away with the Codero.


    It is very difficult to find a web hosting service provider that offers reasonable pricing, easy operation and great support. The servers of such a service need to be performing at their best all the time as well with little or no down time. I tried several web hosting providers before settling for Codero. I am completely satisfied with them and intend to keep using the service for a long time. Their hardware performs very well and the portal is simple to monitor. They offer huge bandwidth for reasonable pricing. Scalability is very good. A great service overall and I recommend it to everyone looking for optimum performance.

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