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ThinkHost Reviews : Providing Web Hosting Like No Other

Thinkhost is a hosting company, established in 1999, by Vladislav Davidzon. This company is popularly known, as the leader in environmental and social responsible. Vladislav Davidzon is the CEO, of the company and the firm trades, under the name ThinkHost. Thinkhost is located in Portland, Oregon. The firm has been in this industry for the past eleven years. What made this company, to be the best compared to other companies, is their nominal price range. The company is equipped, with more than ten servers and hosts two thousand domains. ThinkHost data centers are situated in Texas and Canada. The data centers are monitored by Third party services. The firm also provides, free web hosting to non profit organizations and it plants a tree for every customer that joins, the company. Most of their services, are solar and wind powered.

Highlight Features

ThinkHost offers various features that; users can put them into good use such as unlimited email accounts, auto responders and forwarders. The company distinguishes itself, from the other web hosting companies, by providing free IP address; this means that users cannot, share the same server address, with other people. The hosting plan monthly plan is $7.95 but if you use coupon code, you will get a thirty percent discount. The hosting plan provides unlimited features such as email accounts, host domains, unlimited disk space and MySQL databases. The firm support different web technologies like MySQL, Php and FrontPage. Every hosting plan comes, with different features such as forum software, free website templates, forum software, site building applications, web design tools, photo galleries and many more.

Uptime and Reliability

ThinkHost provides 100% uptime guarantee. The company average uptime is good. What makes ThinkHost, to offer one hundred percent uptime, is because they are equipped with UNIX servers and this makes the company, to provide high level of stability. Their data centers offer temperature control, security and protection, which is important in providing, high level of reliability. The servers are monitored, by technicians so that, incase there is any problem, it is solved immediately.

What has contributed, largely to the company image of reliability, is the company being honest to customers. Creating a long term relationship, with customers is what; the company is committed in.

Pros and Cons


The company has made it easy, for customers who want, install their software. Customers can be able to avail, other features such as design, web development, marketing services and affiliate program. You will not be wrong if you say that, the company considers all the requirements, for its customers.

The basic plan for customers, costs as low as $7.95 every month. But, the disadvantage of this plan is that, the usual package will cost you, even if you do not want to pay, for one or two years.

ThinkHost offers the average money back guarantee. The guarantee is indispensable, if you are putting in money and your time. The company provides 14 days money back guarantee and a warrantee of over four months. The company provides, amazing uptime guarantee.


The downfall of Thinkhost is that, it does not, offer phone services, only email support.


The company offers various support services such as email support, FAQs and online ticket support. Users can use control panel, in submitting a support ticket. The support team responds back, within one hour.

Our Verdict

Thinkhost is a progressive, hosting provider that is committed, in offering great projects such as environment safety and supporting non profit organizations. ThinkHost can provide you with all the resources that, you require. Today, the firm is doing improvements constantly on its projects, so that it enhances its service quality.

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4 thoughts on “ThinkHost Reviews : Providing Web Hosting Like No Other


    Despite some recent complaints, about the customer support offered by ThinkHost, I have found it to be reasonably cooperative. They replied to all my requests and answered all the queries. There are some issues though with their services such as the email interface, which is pretty unfriendly. They are also one of those companies that charge you for the next subscription without asking you about it. The up time was also not what was promised and I was not able to add new domains either. No, I will not recommend it to my friends. They obviously need to work quite a bit on many aspects of their services.


    I am very thankful to the Thinkhost for the excellent support. I was new to the internet and looking for my personal web space for my college project. Even I don’t know about the FTP, WordPress, Add-ons and other terms. I just bought web space with this company and asked them to setup my website. They told that there are numbers of free web scripts available on the cpanel from where I can start my website. But I have no knowledge about this. I requested them to install wordpress on my domain. They did the same within few minutes and I started posting. That was the great experience with the customer care executive.
    Once a time I deleted one file from my account and my website stopped working. I was very upset and submitted a support ticket. I am very excited to write that they fixed the problem within 10 minutes and my website was there.
    5 out of 5 from my wall.


    The ThinkHost are arguably one of the worst web hosting service providers out there. Their customer service is nonexistent and they do not even provide a phone number you can call. Even their up time is pretty low with the servers being down many times. In fact there was a time when this up time was about 70%. Yes, that is shocking and I was unable to add new domains and create new email accounts for a while. I actually was prepared to put up with a little bit of problems if the customer service was good. But they answered my tickets with unrelated info and the major problems took months to resolve. I have switched to another host since then.


    ThinkHost is very co-operative company. I am not fully satisfied with their plans and services. However they need to improve the customer care unit because there is no one who can understand the problem quickly. Every time I have to go for a long chat for clearing all the facts. Their support staff members are also not professional. Even they have no knowledge about how to fix a small wordpress related problem. They did not know about the wordpress plug-ins and other widgets.
    I am really very disappointed with the services. The claimed me to provide 100% uptime but in my view it is only 75%. When I asked them to move my websites to another server, they asked me to pay extra money. It was really a bad experience. I am not using their services for more. I am not going to renew my upcoming invoices. ThinkHost, please admit some professional men in your team.

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