The Importance of SSL and How it Works

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SSL or Secured Sockets Layer is a protocol developed for securing the confidential messages transmitted with the use of the internet through the web server and the browser. SSL is mostly applied by websites especially e-commerce websites nowadays and is even considered as a very vital protocol.

How SSL Works

SSL works to secure messages transmitted over the internet in four vital ways. First, it works as a cryptographer. Cryptography is the process of encrypting messages or hiding them from third parties so that no matter how confidential the message sent is, it cannot be accessed by just anybody. With this, SSL encrypts the messages and information sent over the internet so that it would appear hidden and nonsense to third parties.

Second, SSL works by providing private and public keys. The public key is something that the recipient of the message gives to the sender so that the sender can encrypt his or her message before sending. The private key is the one used by the receiver to access or open the encrypted message of the sender. This is so that no other third parties can easily decrypt the message no matter how hard they try.

SSL How It Works
Picture 1 : SSL Diagram – How it works

Third, SSL works by ensuring message integrity or ensuring that the message sent is authentic and has not been altered by third parties. SSL provides a sort of photocopy of the original message sent along with the encrypted message so that the receiver can compare them and see if the messages match allowing them to know whether the message has been altered or not.

And fourth, SSL works by sending a digital certificate called a digital SSL Certificate that contains all the legitimate information about the receiver in order for the sender to authenticate the receiver and make sure that the message is truly sent to the right recipient.

The Importance of SSL

Because of the great functions of SSL when it comes to securing messages transmitted online, it has been deemed important for e-commerce websites and websites who require log-in information and passwords. Why?

It ensures the privacy and confidentiality of the information sent over the internet such as passwords of accounts, credit card information, personal information and other information that is vital to phishing scams.

It ensures that the messages sent are authentic or unaltered. Many scams will try to invade the messages you send online to a website but SSL keeps their noses away from your confidential information.

It assures senders that they are sending their confidential information to an authentic receiver. This way, they can avoid being victims of scam sites or illegal sites.

It keeps your customers or website members at ease shopping and registering on your website. It would convince them that your website is a safe place to shop and register to since it has the most reliable security technology that would keep their personal and confidential information private and secured. And when your customers or members feel at ease and safe in your website, your website will have a higher chance for success.

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